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Performance Art, analagous to Live art, is a nontraditional art form that consists of or features a performance by the artist.
"At the cutting edge of ideas and expression, live art is a rejection of single artform practice and a challenge to received ways of seeing, thinking and doing. Live art poses questions of not only what art is and can be, but where it is and what it is doing there."
-Lois Keidan defines Performance Art as: art form in which live performance is the essential feature of the artwork. With roots in DADA, it originated in the happenings of the 1960s. Performance art incorporates elements from the visual arts, dance, music, pantomime, drama, and other forms; stresses spontaneity, evanescence, and originality; and often exhibits a keen sense of absurdity, humor, or pathos. Performance artists are varied in background and style, and include such figures as Laurie Anderson, Eric Bogosian, Bill Irwin, Reno, the Blue Man Group, and John Kelly.

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