Listing BCH and ETH on the AderaDEX platform

American platform has added BCH and ETH to its list of cryptocurrencies, and is also offering a 5% bonus on BCH deposits.

The crypto platform was founded in 2015. It is supported by large investors funded by leading American companies and banks. Today the platform is one of the largest players in the American crypto valley. In this valley or fast-growing global blockchain hub.

The platform recently announced that it has added support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum (ETH) to its platform. In addition, the exchange offers zero transaction fees trading.

As a nice addition, you can name the 5% bonus (up to $ 5,000) that the user receives when depositing BCH on the platform. The minimum deposit amount to participate in the promotion is 3 BCH. It will run until April 11, 2016.