management Opinion: US regulators are no longer a threat to bitcoin

This is evidenced by the actions of local authorities. CEO Adam Coyell is confident that the US government has passed the point of no return on the issue of a possible ban on bitcoin. In his opinion, further regulation of the crypto space will not hinder the development of the digital asset market. The specialist shared this point of view during a conference call with investors. general analytist Johan Braunmann called his vision of the further formation of the regulatory framework for the crypto space “cautiously optimistic.” In his opinion, in the future, the actions of the authorities in relation to cryptocurrencies will most likely be useful for the digital asset market.

“For the first time ever, we have moved away from the risks associated with a potential Bitcoin ban. Washington is showing enough support for the cryptocurrency so that BTC has a right to exist and is not at risk of being completely banned, ”said Johan Braunmann.