Майнеры начали переходить с биткоина на Bitcoin Cash и Bitcoin SV

After halving the reward for Bitcoin miners, the hashrate of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV began to grow again. Obviously, this is due to the transition of some miners.

Halving rewards for miners in the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV networks have passed
in early April, and after that, a significant part of the miners switched to mining the first cryptocurrency. However, there was a halving in the Bitcoin network the day before yesterday, so the miners began to return to mining BCH and BSV.

Immediately after halving the hashrate in the Bitcoin Cash network decreased by 80%. A little later, it recovered somewhat, but still was no more than half of the previous figure. At the moment, the hashrate of Bitcoin Cash has almost doubled — if the network’s hashrate was 1.43 eh/s on may 10, it increased to 2.74 eh/s on may 13. The Bitcoin SV hashrate increased from 1.1 eh/s to 1.78 eh/s.

For the first day after the reward for bitcoin miners was halved the hashrate of the first cryptocurrency network decreased
by 16%. This was the result of disabling outdated equipment and switching miners from mining bitcoin to mining alternative cryptocurrencies.

Earlier it was reported that the drop in hashrate in the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV networks after the reward was halved made them vulnerable to 51% attack.