The UK authorities confiscated the funds of a ” cryptocurrency drug Lord»

The Royal court of the British city of Leicester seized $2.29 million belonging to a local “cryptocurrency drug Lord” Paul Johnson (Paul Johnson).

The Harborough Mail reports that 32-year-old Johnson launched a multi-million-dollar “Empire” in the darknet directly from his home in Leicestershire. At the same time, he organized the drug trade under the cover of a tea shop.

Johnson was sentenced to eight years in prison. Authorities found that he imported and sold about 180 kilograms of cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana and ketamine. All purchases were paid with bitcoins.

Judge Martin Hurst said that Johnson made a profit of $2.77 million, but the police managed to confiscate only $2.29 million. Johnson also had a Range Rover for $25,400 and a Nissan Juke for $38,500 confiscated and put up for sale.

Johnson’s ex-wife, 28-year-old lia Taylor-Walton, was sentenced to two years in prison. She was accused of complicity in the creation of a “drug Empire”, as well as the acquisition of property for illegally obtained funds.

Note that, according to the Rand Corporation research center, bitcoin remains the most popular coin for payments in the darknet.