A blockchain working group will be formed in Kentucky

The Governor of the us state of Kentucky has signed a bill to create a working group that will focus on blockchain initiatives.

As reported on the website of the General Assembly of the state of Kentucky, Governor Andy Besher (Andy Beshear) signed the document on April 24. The bill was introduced by the state Senate in early January and passed all the necessary procedures by the end of next month. The state house of representatives finally approved the bill on April 14.

“The working group should assess the feasibility and effectiveness of using blockchain to improve security and enhance the protection of critical infrastructure of the state. Including, but not limited to, the electric grid, gas pipelines, supply and delivery of drinking water, waste water, telecommunications and emergency services,” the bill notes.

The working group will include 9 members from various Kentucky departments, including representatives from the Technology Department, the civil service Commission, and the Kentucky Department of homeland security. The results of the working group will be reported annually to the state Governor and the legislative research Commission. It is planned to allocate $400,000 annually for the group’s activities.

The report of the working group should indicate priority areas of work, options for using blockchain in various areas of life, and an analysis of the effectiveness and advantages of such implementation.

Note that the blockchain is gradually beginning to be used by various us States and agencies. So, in early 2019, the state of Wyoming approved four bills on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.