Mati Greenspan: “after halving, BTC inflation will be only 50% of the global level»

Cryptocurrency analyst Mati Greenspan calculated that after the reward for bitcoin miners is halved, the annual BTC inflation will be 1.8% – just half of the global level.

In his message on the social network Twitter, Greenspan stressed that if now the annual inflation of bitcoin is 3.65%, then in two weeks it will fall to 1.8%. This is about 50% of global inflation, which in 2019 was 3.41%, and this year is expected to reach 3.56%.

“In just 15 days, bitcoin’s annual inflation will drop from 3.65% to 1.8%. This is about half of global inflation. And now you don’t need to accept bitcoin to maintain its price. Satoshi either knew exactly what he was doing, or he was very lucky, ” the analyst wrote.

Although many note that the low level of bitcoin inflation does not mean an influx of buyers, in any case, after the reward for miners is halved even compared to gold, bitcoin inflation will be lower.

Recall that recently in Argentina, the demand for bitcoins has significantly increased due to fears of default and strong inflation of the national currency.