Europol shut down accepting payments in the cryptocurrency, the pirate streaming service

Europol closed a streaming service with pirated videos that was visited by more than 2 million users. In total, the platform received more than $17 million through Bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

According to Bloomberg, the service’s database contained about 40,000 pirated movies and TV programs from Netflix, Amazon and similar services. The platform has been running for more than five years.

Europol confiscated cryptocurrencies worth $5.4 million, and also froze another $1.2 million in various Bank accounts of the service. For illegally obtained income, the service operators purchased expensive cars, which were also confiscated by law enforcement agencies.

Recall that Europol recently studied the operation of the wasabi Wallet and concluded that the tool makes it much more difficult to track illegal transactions – in most cases, the police can not “Demix” them.

Last fall, Europol said that ransomware viruses remain the most popular type of cyberattacks, and a year ago, it detained six suspects in the theft of bitcoins worth $27 million.