Sony has created a blockchain-based system for public transport

Sony has developed a blockchain-based system for integrating data and services from different types of public transport. The BCDB system can be used to collect data for the development of smart cities.

According to Sony, the company has developed A blockchain Common Database or BCDB platform that uses the blockchain to implement the MaaS (Mobility as a service) approach, which will combine access to different modes of transport in a single system.

The system combines access to trains, buses, taxis, carsharing and Bicycle rentals using cloud technology to provide users with information about optimal routes to their desired destinations and recommended vehicles and services.

BCDB provides the user with various information, including the route, travel time and total cost of the trip, and covers the entire process from booking to clearing. The system processes data at a high speed and can handle requests from 7 million users per day.

The press release notes that Sony participated in the Blockchain Challenge program, a MaaS initiative proposed by the Dutch Ministry of infrastructure and water management in 2019, and tested the BCDB until the end of March 2020. Among the program participants, only Sony’s BCDB was able to meet the Ministry’s requirements.

Sone States that BCDB allows the recording and exchange of information in the blockchain between various transport operators, transaction processors, and MaaS service providers.

According to Sony, a blockchain-based system can help improve the efficiency of travel and collect information for the development of smart cities by analyzing and using data on movements and income distribution. In addition, BCDB is not limited to the development of the MaaS concept, and can be used to record and exchange various forms of sensor data related to the development of smart cities.

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