BlackBerry has developed a crypto Jack ing detection system for computers running on Intel processors

The manufacturer of BlackBerry smartphones has introduced a system for detecting viruses-miners for computers based on Intel processors.

The “BlackBerry Optics v2.5.1100” solution is based on the BlackBerry Optics Context Analysis Engine, which analyzes data from Intel’s threat detection technology. This means that companies using the system are protected from malware. Moreover, the main attention is paid to viruses-miners.

The developers emphasize that the operation of the system practically does not affect the processor and can be used for any computers with an Intel processor running Windows 10.

Vice President of research and Analytics at BlackBerry Cylance, Josh Lemos, said that illegal mining of cryptocurrencies, as well as extortion of ransom for data, is becoming more and more “attractive” for various attackers:

“Thanks to our new system for detecting and responding to cryptojacking, we are going to put this threat in the past. We also provide to companies the solution “turnkey” that will prevent attempts of cryptogamia and guarantees the use of equipment and software for the purpose.”

In late may, Red Canary reported
about mass infection of corporate servers with a new virus-miner created by the Blue Mockingbird group.