IOST held a workshop on blockchain for the state archives administration of China

The state archives administration of China (NAA) has partnered with the IOST project to raise awareness of blockchain among government agencies and its use for storing archives.

The NAA maintains a record of historical data for the Communist party of China. IOST co-founder Terry Wang said that the NAA invited HIM as an expert to conduct a workshop on blockchain, so that employees of the organization have a clearer idea of how the technology works. The conference was attended by more than 350 employees from the NAA and other divisions of the organization.

The head of IOST spoke about the current development of blockchain in China, how to accelerate its widespread implementation, as well as about the specific possibilities of using the IOST platform based on the BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service – blockchain as a service) concept for confidential storage and management of state archives. In addition, the principles of cloud technologies, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, as well as mechanisms for managing rights and secret information were discussed.

According to Wang, IOST was the first project that was invited by Chinese government authorities to give lectures on distributed Ledger technology. According to Wang, the cooperation will contribute to the large-scale implementation of THE Iost ecosystem not only among Chinese government organizations, but also among large enterprises in the country. According to the rating of cryptocurrencies published by the center for information technology development of China (CCID) in April, IOST is in fifth place. The rating was based on three categories: basic technology, application, and innovation.

According to last year’s CCID study, there are more than 700 companies operating in the blockchain sector in China. At the same time, trading and circulation of public cryptocurrencies and tokens is prohibited in the country.