Plustoken pyramid organizers moved 26 million EOS to an unknown wallet

According to the analytical service Whale Alert, plustoken pyramid organizers transferred more than 26 million EOS, equivalent to $67.1 million.

Whale Alert reports that 26,316,340 EOS were withdrawn from the wallet belonging to the organizers of the PlusToken cryptocurrency pyramid, the cost of which exceeds $67.1 million at today’s exchange rate. The coins were transferred to an unknown address.

It is not known where or to whom 26 million EOS were sent. However, if PlusToken organizers decide to convert EOS to Fiat currencies, this could have a significant impact on the price of the token.

In March, evidence emerged that Plustoken organizers had moved
13,000 BTC to mixers, and last December, Whale Alert reported
about a transaction worth 789,525 ETH, which were the equivalent of just over $100 million at the exchange rate at the time.

According to CipherTrace, as of December 2019, the pyramid managers had already sold 25,000 BTC, but they still had 20,000 BTC at their disposal, which were distributed to more than 8,700 addresses. At the time, chainalysis senior economist Kim Grauer noted that PlusToken may be partly responsible for the “ongoing pressure” on the cryptocurrency market. She said:

“If you are trying to predict further price movement, be sure to consider this factor.”

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of EOS has not yet been affected by the actions of PlusToken organizers. Now EOS is trading around $2.55, showing a growth of 1% over the past day.