Bitfinex exchange conducted a transaction for 161,500 BTC with a Commission of $0.68

At the end of last week, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex made a transaction of 161,500 BTC (about $1.1 billion) for a Commission of $0.68 to top up its hot wallet.

According to the transaction details, bitcoins worth about $ 1.1 billion were moved on April 10. Of this amount, 15,000 BTC was sent to the exchange’s hot wallet, and 146,500 BTC was returned to the original address. Despite users ‘ concerns, this transaction is unlikely to affect the bitcoin exchange rate.

One of the first users of the social network Twitter under the nickname KRMA_0 noticed the transaction. On Sunday, Bitfinex technical Director Paolo Ardoino explained that the exchange was topping up its hot wallet, and then sent the remaining funds to the original address. At the same time, the transaction fee was only $0.68.

In September last year, shortly before the fall of bitcoin, an unknown sender made a transaction of 94,504 BTC for a Commission of $700. However, none of these transactions broke the record for the largest transfer of 500,000 BTC (about $1.32 million at the current exchange rate at that time), made on November 16, 2011.

We also remind that at the end of March, the Whale Alert service reported that 5,500 BTC were transferred from an unknown address to the Binance exchange. At that time, community members were afraid that the transaction could lead to a drop in the price of bitcoin.