Cases of coronavirus infection in Latin America will be tracked via blockchain

The canadian company Emerge plans to use the blockchain to fight the coronavirus epidemic in Latin America.

A blockchain application called Civitas should help coordinate the actions of local authorities in various countries. According to the company, it “was created to increase security and speed up all processes, as well as reduce the possibility of infection.”

Citizens ‘ identification numbers will be compared with entries in the register, which will allow local authorities to quickly determine whether a citizen can leave their home. In addition, the app will determine the safest time to go shopping for people with symptoms of coronavirus.

For example, about a third of the population of Honduras is in quarantine, and people who violate the regime can face fines. The Civitas app will allow doctors in the country to track symptoms of the disease and provide all the necessary instructions to citizens.

It was recently reported that, according to the Bank for international settlements (BIS), the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic will accelerate the widespread adoption of state-owned cryptocurrencies from Central banks.