Fraudsters have launched a fake pool for PoS-mining Ethereum 2.0

The fraudulent site offers visitors to earn money on “PoS-mining Ethereum 2.0”. The creators of the scheme claim that their resource is a “PoS pool for Ethereum 2.0”.

Users are promised a guaranteed income from cryptocurrency staking. You can invest in” mining ” from 0.2 ETH to 1,024 ETH or more. Depending on the amount of “investment”, the status is assigned and the promised rewards are increased. Yield promises range from 8.3% to 12.1% per month.

The site contains information about the operation of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism in General terms. Fraudsters provide arguments according to which the user should not engage in staking on their own.

It is worth noting that the creators of the site quite competently thought through every aspect. They added various settings for the user’s account, even two-factor authentication and individual ETH addresses. To fully register on the site, you need to confirm your email address. Using this method, fraudsters also get users ‘ personal data. The official myetherwallet wallet containing 400 ETH is also listed on the site as the address for collecting donations.

Although the site at first glance is designed quite well, this is unlikely to convince any savvy user. The main Ethereum 2.0 network has not yet been launched, as well as the Deposit contract, to which future validators will transfer their coins from the current network.

It is also worth saying that the developers are discussing a Deposit of 32 ETH, which must be made to obtain the status of a node operator. There is no question of any 1,024 ETH. If the user wants to invest more than 32 ETH, they will have to start another node or send the remaining coins to the pool.

In addition, the amount of rewards for scammers is inflated. Most likely, Ethereum 2.0 stayers will receive 4.6%-10.3% per year, but not 8.3%-12.1% per month.