The French will be able to choose suppliers of “green” energy through the blockchain

The French green energy company ekWateur and the Australian Power Ledger will launch a blockchain platform for distributing electricity from renewable sources.

Almost a quarter of a million French people will be able to evaluate the new feature. Consumers will be able to analyze electricity costs and see how much of the energy spent was generated from renewable sources. The blockchain will be used to confirm the energy source. More than 220,000 ekWater electricity meters will be connected to a power Ledger blockchain tool called Vision.

“Whether customers want to consume electricity from solar panels installed on the roof of a neighboring house, or from wind turbines in Bordeaux, our platform will give them the choice and control over the energy source used,” said Jemma green, Executive Chairman of Power Ledger.

In a joint statement, the companies stressed that providing new tools to customers will help achieve the goals of the Paris agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The blockchain platform should be fully operational by the end of this year.

It was recently reported that a similar blockchain system for monitoring electricity usage is planned to be developed by BlockApps and Optimum. This will help make electricity consumption more transparent.