Vitalik Buterin: “multiclient test networks for ETH 2.0 will be launched in April»

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that the developers of Ethereum 2.0 plan to launch multiclient test networks by the end of April.

Recently, the information security company Least Authority conducted a survey on the request of the Ethereum Foundation
audit of Ethereum 2.0 specifications and identified several potential vulnerabilities. Vitalik Buterin commented on the results of the audit and said that the ETH 2.0 team is working to solve these problems, although their final elimination may take quite a long time.

At Least Authority expressed concern about the peer-to-peer exchange system, noting that there is a risk of spam in it. The Least Authority recommended implementing a fully BAR-resistant Gossip Protocol to prevent malicious spam. According to Buterin, this problem was present in the existing ETH 1.0 infrastructure and was only fixed over time. He expects the same to happen in ETH 2.0.

“We take spam protection and network security seriously,” Buterin said. “ETH1 took some time to improve network-level security, and now a lot of attention is being paid to network issues. So I expect that the DoS issues will be resolved over time. As far as sustainability is concerned, our approach will be to first adhere to an altruistic strategy and then, over time, improve incentive opportunities. The ETH1 network has also developed in this direction.”

The second vulnerability concerns the fact that in PoS blockchains, the block supply system decides whose block will end up in the blockchain, and this leads to the risk of data leakage. To solve the problem, the auditors suggested using the mechanism of “Selecting a single secret leader” (SSLE).

Buterin said the team took the Least Authority’s recommendation to use the SSLE mechanism to hide the selection process seriously. He noted that SSLE is one of the main research areas of the team at the moment, and it is included in the plan
Buterin on the development of ETH 2.0. according to the plan, the SSLE system will be implemented in phase 2 or later.

Now that the audit process is complete, the next step will be to launch multi-component test networks and a reward program for detecting errors in phase 0, as previously written by ETH 2.0 developer Danny Ryan. In an interview with the Block, Buterin said that the launch of multiclient test networks is scheduled for April.

“The launch of phase 0 of the main network will occur only after we launch the multiclient test network. Then we will wait for this test network to work without problems, and if this happens, we will start phase 0 of the main network. This procedure is similar to the process of launching ETH1 in 2015, ” Buterin said. “Therefore, it is not easy to predict when the main network will launch, although we assume that multiclient test networks will be launched very soon – most likely in April.”

Recall that recently Vitalik Buterin proposed a new roadmap for Ethereum of the key ideas that can be a “breakthrough” in the development of a new version of the network, were polynomial obligations.