IBM and who are creating a blockchain-based system for processing coronavirus data

IBM, Oracle and the world health organization (who) are creating an open data center that will use blockchain to verify the validity of information related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The MiPasa solution is positioned as the “COVID-19 information highway”, said Jonathan Levi, CEO of the platform development company Hacera. MiPasa, based on Hyperledger Fabric, will evolve as a number of data analysis tools are added, followed by testing of data and other information on COVID-19.

“We believe that there is not enough information to make informed decisions right now,” levy said. “How can we help all people who would like to access and analyze data?”

Corporate blockchain consortia, which usually involve IBM, can take months to organize. But in this case, the company was able to quickly attract major participants: Microsoft, Hopkins University, the national health Commission of China and who. IBM Blockchain technical Director Gari Singh said that everyone he spoke with agreed that it was important to ” create a consortium as quickly as possible.”

“We started with a brainstorming session on how to collect, provide and use verified information about the virus,” Singh said. “It was not a matter of principle for us to implement blockchain in this decision. But we understood that we need to duplicate copies of the data, we need reliable sources, we need to make sure that they can’t be faked.”

IBM is also implementing the Call for Code initiative to work on the platform in order to quickly create tools that can help overcome the crisis. Singh said that coronavirus testing data could be added to the platform in the coming weeks.

“You can come up with a simple set of applications for end – to-end testing,” he said. “Using an iPad, you can enter information without revealing the person’s identity. We can start collecting information and creating new applications based on this data.”

Levy also noted that analytical tools can provide unique information, provided that everyone can be sure and agree that all the data on the platform (which is completely open and free to use) is correct. He said that many companies offer their data to help bring the virus under control.

“Many data tool providers are involved in the project. Everyone is rushing to help, and no one is taking a dime, ” levy said.

Participants in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry seek to help in the fight against coronavirus. Earlier this month, the largest Ethereum miner in the US, CoreWeave, redirected
the computing power of 6,000 video cards for Folding@home research to find a cure for coronavirus.