On may 21-24, the virtual “world investor summit 2020” will be held»

From 21 to 24 may, a virtual “world investor summit 2020” will be held, the goal of which is to increase global investment.

The summit will attract 25,000 delegates and more than 150 experts in the field of investment, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, stock markets, AI and other innovative areas. Each participant of the summit-an expert or a company-will fill out a questionnaire. Participants will be divided into chats where they can discuss topics of interest to them.

Directly during the online conference, the summit participants will be able to contact leading industry experts, as well as technical specialists, entrepreneurs and investors. The key topics for discussion will be venture capital, blockchain, real estate, exchanges, and so on.

Thanks to the Startup Showcase format, the summit participants will see short presentations of hundreds of startups and companies that need investment. At the same time, investors will Express their expert opinion, and participants of the event will be able to see how leading investors choose and evaluate startups.

Summit participants will get access to a pitch deck of startups that have potential market value, are focused on growth and solving real problems, and learn how to build a portfolio of investors. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to talk about their startup to an audience of 25,000 investors from around the world.

Companies will be able to talk about their brand and become known to investors around the world, as well as present their products and services to more than 25,000 viewers and get direct customers.

More information about the summit is available on the website.

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