The Brave browser will allow you to buy cryptocurrencies on the Finance exchange inside the app

The decentralized browser Brave has announced a partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Now Brave users will be able to buy cryptocurrencies on Binance just by opening a new tab in the browser.

On the tabs in the Brave browser, a widget has appeared that gives users direct access to both the main Binance site and the site of The American division of the exchange. Users will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies, view their balance and get addresses for depositing cryptocurrencies directly in the browser. However, the developers left the option to disable the widget in the settings.

The developers stressed that the widget uses the Binance API and does not download any data from the exchange’s servers, so user data is protected. The new feature is available in the desktop version of Brave Nightly, and it will appear in the main version of the program in April. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said:

“The Binance widget in the security-oriented browser Brave provides a more secure way to buy and sell cryptocurrency, and also makes working with the exchange faster and easier. We hope for a long-term collaboration with Brave and that it will attract new users and give new options for using cryptocurrencies in the future.”

Recall that the Brave browser ecosystem has its own BAT token, which can be used to encourage content creators. The program was launched in may last year, and in August the number of content creators exceeded 230,000. Tokens can also be earned by viewing ads in the browser.