The launch of Altona-The new Ethereum 2.0 testnet-is scheduled for June 29

The developers of Ethereum 2.0 held an online conference, during which they decided to postpone the launch of Altona – a new iteration of the test network of Ethereum 2.0-to June 29.

Coordinator of testing Ethereum 2.0 choedon the Afri (Afri Schoedon) he informed that the test network is already ready, and the minimum number of deposits has been reached for Altona launch. Choedon noted that “technically, the Genesis has already taken place”. However, the developers came to the conclusion that it is better to launch the network on Monday, when all specialists will be in touch to quickly resolve any possible problems.

Altona will be the first test network to use the updated 0.12 specification for Ethereum 2.0, and will be open to users. Developers call Altona “devnet” (“network for developers”), because it is primarily designed to find and fix critical defects. In the previous testnet often detected synchronization problem that could lead to fork the network.

The team hopes that Altona will show good results and show stable performance like the test networks Ethereum 1.0, Goerli and Rinkeby. There is no exact information about the launch of the zero phase in the main Ethereum network yet. However, the developers adhere to the planned plan, according to which the launch of the test network with specification 0.12 is scheduled for June. Altona will be an important stage that brings the launch of the long-awaited update closer. Shoedon previously stated that the launch of phase 0 could take place in 2021.

In may, the first multiclient test network of Ethereum 2.0 – Schlesi was introduced to demonstrate the readiness of customers to support the main shard of the Beacon Chain. In addition, the coordinator of the Ethereum 2.0 deployment, Danny Ryan, stated that the working multiclient model is one of the main reasons for delaying the launch of the update.