Dfinity has opened access to “Internet Computer” for third-party developers

A decentralized computing project based on the Dfinity blockchain, which is expected to launch later this year, has opened access to the “Internet Computer” technology for third-party developers.

The Dfinity project uses a blockchain-based Protocol to combine computing power from a decentralized network of data centers. The goal of creating “Internet Computer” was to “return power to developers” and create open Internet services.

“One of the biggest problems in the field of technology is that large technology companies have monopolized the Internet. They control almost all of our technologies, ” said Dominic Williams, founder and chief scientist of Dfinity.

Williams also noted that the “Tungsten” update was the third major milestone in the development of the project. The full launch of Dfinity will take place along with the fifth update towards the end of the year.

Recall that the Dfinity test network was launched in the fall of 2017. To create the project, the developers raised more than $ 160 million. In January of this year, the startup introduced LinkedUp – an open and decentralized version of the social network for searching and establishing business contacts LinkedIn.