Telegram will stop supporting the TON test network on August 1

According to the latest information from TON developers, support for the test network by Telegram will stop on August 1. Users will be able to take it under control.

In a July 6 update, telegram’s TON development team announced that it was discontinuing support for the TON test network. The remaining TON validators will be disabled from August 1. TON developers recommend that test network participants save all their data and stop testing processes.

Even though support for the test network will stop in less than a month, network participants will still be able to continue their experiments after that. Users can install their own test network validators. For more information for users who want to continue testing, see the recommendations for the full node, validator, and test grammars.

Telegram messenger launched
test network of its TON blockchain in September last year, and closed testing of the network began
in the last April. However, Telegram’s plans to launch the TON blockchain, initially planned for October 2019, and then postponed to April 2020, were not destined to come true.

In mid-may, telegram founder Pavel Durov said
about the termination of work on the Telegram Open Network due to a lawsuit with the us securities and exchange Commission( SEC), which filed
the company was sued last fall. Then the American regulator accused
Telegram in illegal ICO for $1.7 billion. As a result, the new York court banned
distribution of Gram tokens not only to US citizens, but also to non-residents of the country. At the end of June, Telegram went to a settlement agreement with the regulator with the payment of a fine.