BBB: “cryptocurrency schemes are the most common type of fraud»

The non-profit organization Better Business Bureau (BBB) has presented a report according to which cryptocurrency projects carry more risks compared to other types of fraud.

According to the report, last year, Americans aged 25 to 44 were affected by cryptocurrency schemes, and their losses averaged about $3,000. They were mostly people with no basic knowledge of digital assets.

According to the BBB, 32% of fraudulent schemes were associated with the exchange of cryptocurrencies for goods, services or ordinary money, and 23.4% – with participation in investment projects and the acquisition of digital assets.

The organization also noted that a significant part of cryptocurrency crimes is related to attacks by hackers who are looking for vulnerabilities in exchanges. BBB presented a list with 10 different types of fraud, in which cryptocurrencies took the “honorable” second place, giving the first place to fraud in employment.

Last month, well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk reported that cryptocurrency scammers have reached a new level – hackers break into verified accounts on the social network Twitter and use them to promote their fraudulent schemes.