Plustoken cryptocurrency pyramid organizers moved 13,000 BTC to mixers

There was evidence that the organizers of the Plustoken cryptocurrency scheme moved 13,000 BTC to the mixers. The BTC that hit the market puts additional pressure on the exchange rate.

New evidence suggests that another batch of BTC linked to the PlusToken Scam scheme has been sent to the mixers. As analysts suggest, this may be due to the fact that the operators of the cryptocurrency pyramid decided to take advantage of the recent recovery of the market. ErgoBTC researchers reported on March 7 that 13,000 BTC were sent to mixers from wallets linked to plustoken scheme managers.

Last month, almost 12,000 BTC from PlusToken wallets were transferred to unknown addresses. Scammers may have been preparing to sell them, as the price of bitcoin was rising at that time. If the organizers of the scheme successfully conducted fraudulently obtained bitcoins through mixers, they will throw large amounts into the market, already weakened by the panic on the stock exchanges.

Previous attempts to mix PlusToken tools were unsuccessful, as analysts quickly tracked them through mixing services. Scammers withdrew funds through cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Huobi.

As reported
last month, CipherTrace, retail and institutional cryptocurrency investors in Asia lost about $3 billion after closing the PlusToken wallet, which turned out to be a pyramid scheme. Chinese authorities have arrested six people suspected of involvement in the scheme.

Recall that in December, the organizers of the cryptocurrency pyramid PlusToken moved
about $100 million in ether. According to information
CipherTrace, as of December 2019, the pyramid managers had already sold 25,000 BTC, but they still had 20,000 BTC at their disposal, which were distributed to more than 8,700 addresses.