Synthetic will introduce synthetic futures trading

The Synthetix platform, which specializes in the release of synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain, announced that it will launch trading in synthetic futures this year.

As reported in the company’s blog, over the past year, Synthetix has focused on creating a Protocol that will support the daily volume of transactions for tens of millions of dollars. Now the platform is working on expanding the ecosystem to present traders with popular financial products.

According to Synthetix, improvements will be introduced to the platform this quarter to simplify trading and attract more users, and new synthetic assets will be added to increase trading volumes. In the second quarter, Synthetix plans to introduce loans in the sUSD cryptocurrency, backed by ether, bitcoin and DAI.

In addition, the company is working on creating an improved engine that will support various orders. In the third quarter, Synthetix intends to implement the Optimistic Rollups solution, as well as add trading in synthetic futures using various asset classes, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities.

Recall that in October, Synthetix raised $3.8 million from major investors, and in June announced an attack that resulted in the loss of 37 million sETH tokens.