Juan Perez: “the use of blockchain technology could improve industrial processes»

According to Juan Miguel Perez, CEO of the Spanish blockchain company Finboot, the adoption of blockchain among industrial productions can increase the efficiency of processes.

Juan Miguel Perez believes that companies that advocate responsible attitude to the environment need to implement blockchain. In the process of assessing the impact of production on the environment, the society must use certain metrics and blockchain is perfect for this.

“The use of new technologies should help companies confirm that they are implementing their environmental protection initiatives. And what technology can confirm the fulfillment of your plans? Blockchain!”, he said.

According to the head of Finboot, distributed registry technology is perfectly suitable for tracking industrial processes. As an example, Peres cited the energy company Repsol, which uses blockchain to improve the efficiency of its internal processes.

“Blockchain can offer tools for ensuring transparency that no other technology can provide. With the help of blockchain, companies will significantly increase their confidence and ensure efficiency in reporting, ” he stressed.

Recall that Repsol uses the blockchain to track and identify samples of various products in the production process. Using the new system allows the company to save up to €400,000 per year by reducing the number of errors.