The Carthage update was successfully activated in the Tezos blockchain

The Tezos cryptocurrency project announced the successful implementation of the next planned update of Carthage on block 851 969. On the background of this news, the exchange rate of the XTZ coin exceeded $3.

The Tezos project positions itself as a “digital community” that conducts transactions between users through the creation of smart contracts. The Carthage update changes the General operations and remote procedure call (RPC) process in the ecosystem.

“Carthage was activated without problems. Congratulations to all developers and the community that supports the update, ” wrote Tezos co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Arthur Breitman.

The first Tezos update called Athens took place in may last year, and in the fall, the Babylon update was activated, which brought many new features. Then the consensus algorithm, network management mechanism, and smart contract functionality were updated.

The developers emphasize that Carthage acts as an”update for network maintenance”. It fixes various errors in the project and makes minor improvements. The formula for calculating rewards for participating in Tezos has also been improved.

Note that over the past 4 months, the XTZ rate has soared by 200%, which reflects the community’s faith in the future of the project. Last fall, it was reported that the French police cybercrime unit checks and registers expenses on the Tezos blockchain.