Willy Woo: “the investment flow of bitcoin has reached $727 billion a year»

Analyst Willy Wu calculated that the investment flow in the bitcoin network is $727 billion per year, taking into account the movement between cold wallets of exchanges.

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well-known cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo, who analyzed the data
Coin Metrics, the investment flow of Bitcoin is $727 billion per year. This corresponds to almost 10% of Visa’s transaction volume – the payment operator processes transactions worth $8.8 trillion a year.

Bitcoin already processes 1% of the world’s GDP, and this volume increases by an order of magnitude after each half of the reward of miners. Vu notes:

“The investment flow of Bitcoin (the annual volume of investment) is growing by an order of magnitude (10 times) every 4 years.”

According to statistics, bitcoin should “catch up” with Visa after the next halving of miner rewards, which will happen in may.

The volume of bitcoin transactions over the past year according to Coin Metrics

The data used by Wu for BTC transactions is approximate and may include transfers between cold wallets owned by exchanges, which will not represent true transactions. Cyclical payments between wallets and multi-step transactions were excluded from the statistics provided.

According to BitInfoCharts, over the past year, transactions totaling $2.5 trillion were made in the Bitcoin blockchain, and the average transaction size was about $23,000. Due to the upcoming halving of the reward of bitcoin miners, interest in the network is growing. According to the latest data
Google Trends, the number of search queries about halving the reward of miners in January has doubled since December.