Australia has published a five-year plan for the development of blockchain in the country

The Australian Ministry of industry has published a national roadmap for blockchain development to promote the introduction of the technology in the country.

According to the document, blockchain has the potential to create jobs, save companies ‘ money and improve the country’s economic growth.

In the five-year plan it is planned to create a regulatory framework, to raise awareness about the blockchain and to expand global opportunities for investment and cooperation.

In particular, the roadmap outlines 12 steps that the government plans to take to help Australia move towards a “future involving blockchain”:

Formalize the national Advisory Committee for the blockchain roadmap and rename it the national steering Committee for the blockchain roadmap.

To establish working groups to analyze options for the use of the blockchain.

Explore options for using blockchain in agriculture, education, and Finance.

Create a group of government blockchain users to discuss the conclusions drawn from existing government scenarios for using the technology.

Study international experience and the experience of countries that use blockchain to provide effective public services.

To work closely with the suppliers of the block chain and involve them in participation in the program “Business-research and innovation”.

Make sure that the blockchain is included in the development and implementation of public policy.

Help develop the General framework and content of the course for education in the field of blockchain.

Work with the Australian trade Commission on a program to develop the potential of blockchain startups.

Work with the Australian trade Commission to create a blockchain-oriented inbound investment program.

Use of existing bilateral agreements to explore the possibilities of pilot projects with other countries.

Work with relevant government departments to enable Australian businesses to connect to the digital trading infrastructure.

The government has said that blockchain, along with other technologies, can help increase business revenue by $175 billion by 2025. Minister of industry, science and technology of Australia Karen Andrews (Karen Andrews) said:

“Together, we can ensure the long-term development and implementation of the blockchain, as well as benefit from the huge economic and social opportunities it offers.”

Recall that last year, the Australian government allocated 100,000 Australian dollars for the development of a national “road map” of the blockchain.