Mark Yusko: “1% of bitcoin in investment Fund portfolios is becoming commonplace»

According to Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko, bitcoin is the epitome of technological innovation and every investor should have it in their portfolio.

In an interview
Yusko told max Keiser that investors who allocated at least 1% for bitcoin in their portfolio were more successful than other market participants over the past 5 years.

“It’s unbelievable,” says Yusko. – All the funds of targeted financing five years ago totaled $670 billion. Take 1% of this amount ($6.7 billion) and use it to buy bitcoin instead of stocks and bonds. As a result, the total return will be 9.2% instead of 7.2%. 2% is a significant advantage.”

USCO does not rule out the possibility of bitcoin price falling to zero, but the potential income from investing in this tool is significantly higher than the potential losses. Bitcoin, as he put it, has one of the most asymmetric ratios in this context of all the assets he has encountered in his career.

The CEO of Morgan Creek Capital suggests that traditional funds will increasingly pay attention to cryptocurrencies and think they deserve a place in their portfolio.

Bitcoin has always been characterized by increased volatility compared to traditional assets, but this year, Tesla shares have overtaken it in terms of profitability. The first cryptocurrency grew by 30%, and Elon Musk’s company-by 38%.

Gordon Johnson, CEO of the Chicago investment firm GLJ Research, commented on this phenomenon: “We think Tesla’s stock is a bubble. In fact, this is bitcoin on wheels. We think people are just afraid of missing out on growth.”