3,693 “extra” blocks were mined in the Ethereum Classic network

On the morning of August 1, the Ethereum Classic network split – 3,693 “extra” blocks were extracted in it. Researchers suggest that this was a 51% attack, but no malicious transactions were detected.

The first non-standard situation in the Ethereum Classic blockchain was noticed by the researcher Hudson Jameson, and a little later the attack was confirmed by the official account of the cryptocurrency. Jameson called for stopping deposits and withdrawals to cryptocurrency platforms.

Analysts Yaz Khoury (Yaz Khoury), Sam Johnson (Sam Johnson) and Austin Roberts (Austin Roberts) analyzed the situation. According to their data, the following happened – a large mining pool 2Miners was turned off for technical work, and at this time, a single miner produced 3,693 “extra” blocks.

After that, the Ethereum Classic network split – miners with the Parity and OpenEthereum clients continued to work in the original chain, and Core-Geth miners switched to a new chain with additional blocks. A little later, the Parity miners also switched to this chain.

According to analysts, it is unlikely that this was done intentionally, although this possibility is not excluded. They emphasize that no double-spending transactions have been detected so far. Most likely, the network will continue working with additional blocks, since no malicious operations were detected in them.

After detecting the problem, the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange froze trading of the asset. However, other major platforms, including Binance, did not freeze trading, suspending only accepting deposits and withdrawing this cryptocurrency. Recall that at the beginning of 2019, the Ethereum Classic network was already attacked by 51%.