The FDA noted the potential for using blockchain to track products

The US food and drug administration (FDA) released a document that noted the potential of blockchain and other technologies for tracking products.

According to Commissioner Stephen Hahn, the document is positioned as the first stage in the process of “creating the safest food supply system in the world.” And one of the key messages of the document is to use developing technologies to improve existing systems and create new ones.

“When we see how various industries use digital tools to track in real time, for example, the movement of planes, rented cars or parcels, or how companies use big data to identify trends, it becomes clear that the FDA and all stakeholders need to think about integrating new technologies. We are talking about artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain and sensor technologies, ” the document notes.

At the same time, the document describes only General concepts and ideas about how to use blockchain and other technologies. However, one section entitled “Using digital transformation” describes the creation of “an internal system of digital technologies, such as blockchain, to track critical events and obtain key data from industry partners and regulators.”

Recall that in may, a pilot project for tracking drugs on the IBM blockchain was completed, in which Merck, Walmart and KPMG participated. At the same time, the testing was completed even more successfully than the FDA expected.