Bitfinex offered hackers 30% for the return of 120 thousand BTC stolen in 2016

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex offered hackers who broke into the exchange in August 2016 and stole 120,000 BTC, 30% of the “compensation” of the refund amount.

The exchange’s management clarified that the reward will be sent at the current BTC rate if the stolen bitcoins are fully returned. As part of this initiative, the exchange is ready to leave hackers a part if they agree to return the stolen goods to the exchange. Anyone who links Bitfinex to hackers will get 5% of the refund amount, and hackers will get 25%. The exchange is called the share of the associated costs.

To make sure that the exchange really interacts with those hackers, they must send the exchange 1 Satoshi from the wallet involved in hacking the exchange, and Bitfinex, for its part, will ensure the confidentiality of all transactions.

To date, the value of bitcoins stolen from the exchange on August 2, 2016, is about $1.344 billion, minus the already returned funds. In February last year, Bitfinex received about 28 BTC from US law enforcement agencies. The reward for hackers and intermediaries in the amount of 30% for the return of bitcoins will be about $400 million.

“This incident is a dark page in the history of our site. We are ready to offer a reward, and this is our last attempt to return the stolen coins, ” – stated in the announcement of the exchange.

For the first time, stolen bitcoins began to move almost three years after the Bitfinex hack. According to Whale Alert, in June 2019, criminals transferred 172.54 BTC from their wallet, and last month hackers moved another 77.6 BTC.