NET 2.0 developers have launched an educational project for future validators

Ethereum developers have launched Validator Launchpad for the final version of the Ethereum 2.0 Medalla test network in order to train and prepare future validators for the launch of the main network.

As stated
Ethereum developers, the” launch pad for validators ” in the ETH 2.0 Medalla test network was launched after several months of hard work by the ETH 2.0 research team, as well as Consensys and DeepWork Studio.

Validator Launchpad is launched now so that future validators can track and contribute to the upcoming deployment
multi-user test network Medalla. The blog article States:

“The idea of launching Validator Launchpad is to simplify the process of working as an ETH 2.0 validator as much as possible without compromising security. In contrast to the use of third party services to run your own validator associated with key management. This responsibility entails an inevitable trade-off between ease of use, security, and the availability of the necessary knowledge.”

The main goal of the project is to help validators learn about all aspects of the process. In this article, developers have disclosed information about rewards for validators, risks, and responsibilities that they bear.

“We want to make sure that you understand that you will only be rewarded if you actively participate in the consensus, and that this process is irreversible. You will not be able to withdraw your ETH from Ethereum 2.0 for a long time.”

In conclusion, the developers note that at least four clients – Lighthouse, Nimbus, Prysm and Teku-will work in the final test network. Although the client developers will receive the necessary documentation about Medalla closer to August 4, it is better to choose which client the potential validator plans to work on right now.

Unlike previous iterations, the Medalla test network will be managed by
community. In addition, attacks by “white hackers” will be carried out to detect defects and vulnerabilities.