The Chinese community launched the TON Community test network

The Chinese TON community announced the launch of a test network of the TON Community blockchain, created on the basis of telegram developments, and the distribution of 10 million TONcoins tokens.

The founder of the Chinese TON Community project, Tooz Wu, said that the test network was named ” testnet3 “and is based on the official telegram Open Network (TON), which was often called”testnet2”. As the developer of TON stated that the platform’s test network will be closed by August 1, 2020, the Chinese community invited users to join the new testnet as validators and continue using the network. Tuz U added that in addition to launching the test network, TON Community is distributing 10 million TONcoins for free, which will be used in the main network. All telegram messenger users can participate in the distribution.

ACE Wu first announced plans to launch a test network of the project back in may, while criticizing another community that in the same month launched the Free TON blockchain based on telegram developments without the company’s participation. The head of TON Community added that the project is already reaching the international level, and a significant proportion of its participants are citizens of Russia, China and Singapore.

Recall that on may 12, telegram founder Pavel Durov announced the termination of work on the TON platform after losing a “legal battle” with the us securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Last fall, the Agency accused Telegram of conducting an illegal ICO, considering Gram tokens unregistered securities. After lengthy legal proceedings, the court completely blocked the distribution of Gram tokens for both US citizens and foreign investors. However, the original developers of TON stated that the main developments in the TON code are publicly available and can be used by anyone who supports decentralization.

Last week, us securities and exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Esther Peirce, also known as” cryptomama ” for being friendly to the cryptocurrency industry, criticized the SEC for prosecuting Telegram.