The Chinese BSN platform will support more than 100 open blockchains.

The Chinese infrastructure platform Blockchain Service Network (BSN), intends to integrate more than 100 open blockchains within a year.

The BSN project, created by the state information center of China, is developing a blockchain-based platform that will become a universal center for developers of decentralized applications. BSN will unite individuals and small firms by providing them with “hosting for blockchain-based developments”. Yifan he, CEO of the Beijing-based company Red Date Technology, which is directly involved in the creation of BSN, said that the network already supports the blockchains Tezos, NEO, Nervos, EOS, IRISnet and Ethereum. Within a year, BSN plans to integrate more than 100 open networks.

The BSN platform was launched on April 25 with the support of the Chinese government. Since the launch date, the platform has been used by more than 6000 customers. These include public and private organizations that use the platform for supply chain management and document management.

“BSN plans to go international so that everyone can create decentralized applications in one place. The Internet gained popularity after everyone had the opportunity to create websites. BSN will become the same Internet, only for blockchains. BSN will bring together different networks and protocols that work separately today, ” said Yifan he, head of Red Date Technology.

However, due to geopolitical differences, it will not be easy for the Chinese platform to enter the us, EU and UK markets. Therefore, BSN was divided into two groups: BSN-China, focused on Chinese standards, and BSN-International, focused on the international market. At the same time, he explained that both organizations work within the same international platform, and are not independent entities. Five BSN-China nodes will be connected to BSN-International.

He added that using the platform, developers of decentralized applications will be able to save up to 90% of their development investment. BSN strives for transparency, so in the next three years, the platform will switch to open source. The platform will earn money by providing cloud storage to customers, and within three to five years, BSN should reach a profit.

Last month, the BSN platform planned to add support for Chainlink oracles for working with external data, and Cosmos for working with other blockchains.