Square is preparing to release a set of tools for implementing the Lightning Network

The cryptocurrency division of Square has announced the creation of a set of tools that will allow developers of bitcoin wallets to integrate Lightning Network support into their products.

The Lightning Development Kit provides developers with programming interfaces( APIs), language bindings, demo projects, and other features to speed up Lightning Network integration. At the same time, thanks to a strong team, Square will be able to help integrate the technology even for large projects.

“We’ve talked to a lot of bitcoin wallet developers, and they all need flexibility when integrating the Lightning Network. Wallets and apps need different options for storing keys and backup mechanisms, security approaches, and user interface design. This means that we need to develop a universal solution, ” the company said.

In addition, the developers noted that instead of creating a separate lightning Network node, they are preparing a whole set of tools so that the creators of bitcoin wallets can integrate the technology as conveniently as possible.

“Even if it is a big project, this is the right decision. And with the support of developers such as Acinq, Blockstream, Lightning Labs and communities around the world, we can only wait for the widespread use of instant and cheap payments in bitcoins,” the developers concluded.

Despite the growing popularity of the Lightning Network, not many companies support and develop the technology. Recently on Bits.Media published a material that introduces the reader to the key players and products of the industry that support the development of a new solution.