US authorities have confiscated more than $2 million in cryptocurrency from three terrorist groups

The US Department of justice reported that it confiscated more than $2 million worth of cryptocurrencies from three terrorist groups. This confiscation of cryptocurrencies from terrorists has become the largest in history.

US security agencies were able to access 300 wallets linked to terrorist groups. According to us authorities, these addresses were used by al-Qaeda terrorists, the al-Qassam Brigades (the military wing of Hamas) and THE Isil terrorist organization banned in Russia.

“This is a historic and unprecedented action for several reasons. We see how immediately three organizations have become the target of law enforcement agencies to prevent the financing of terrorism,” said acting us attorney for the district of Columbia Michael Sherwin (Michael Sherwin).

Employees of the Ministry of justice noted how similar different terrorist groups operate and how they Finance their actions using digital technologies – they use cryptocurrencies and work closely in social networks to get funding.

Recall that, as the analytical company Whitestream reported in late June, ISIL no longer accepts donations in bitcoin and prefers Monero.