Cryptocurrency companies paid almost $1 million for detecting vulnerabilities in projects

The HackerOne platform reported that in 2019, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies paid almost $1 million to computer security researchers for detecting vulnerabilities in projects.

Developers and researchers in total were paid $965 504 for detection of security vulnerabilities in 2019. Compared to the previous year, the increase in rewards was almost $100,000, with alone paying more than $500,000 in 2018.

Representatives of HackerOne reported that the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry ranked 4th in the list of industries in terms of paid rewards for detecting vulnerabilities. Companies working in the fields of Internet services, software development and media content creation took the first places.

Recall that in August last year, the social network Facebook announced the launch of a program to search for errors in the software code of the Libra cryptocurrency project. Program participants will be able to earn up to $10,000 as a reward on the HackerOne platform.