Nervos to allocate $30 million in grants for blockchain developers

The Chinese blockchain project Nervos announced that it will allocate $30 million in grants for developers developing the ecosystem and infrastructure of the first level of the blockchain.

Nervos, founded in 2018 by the creators of the Ethereum mining pool Spark Pool, aims to solve security and scalability problems thanks to the two-level structure of the blockchain. In November last year, Nervos opened the source code of its main Lima network and launched its own cryptocurrency for sale, earning $72 million.

The press release informs that the grants will be distributed among projects that create client protocols, tools and environments for developers, solutions for interacting with other blockchains, as well as tools and languages for programming smart contracts. At the same time, grants will be discussed with the community and only after that the funds will be transferred to the winning projects.

“We believe that building a truly decentralized network requires the donations and efforts of the entire community. As an independent, fully open network, we want to support everyone who shares our point of view and help them make Nervos part of a decentralized economy,” said Kevin Wang, co – founder of The project.

Earlier it was reported that Nervos is actively working with the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange and helps it create its own Huobi Chain blockchain.