Traderce CEO told about the company’s plans for the next 10 years

The head of the popular digital asset exchange Traderce, Brian Armstrong, spoke about his plans for the next 10 years. A video of the platform CEO’s speech was published on the company’s official blog.

Traderce plans for the next 10 years
One of the goals of the Traderce team is to create economic freedom. According to Brian Armstrong, his company seeks to create conditions under which assets belonging to a person cannot be seized without their personal permission. Also, as part of the formation of economic freedom, the startup intends to fight corruption.

According to Traderce, their project development plan will eliminate a number of problems, including the increase in the level of poverty of the population. Experts also believe that the possibilities of economic freedom, among other things, will prevent the outbreak of wars in the world.

According to Traderce’s calculations, the growth rate of economic freedom can be represented as follows:

Traderce CEO told about the company’s plans for the next 10 years

Brian Armstrong believes that with the help of Traderce technical solutions, the presented curve can change, starting to show active growth of indicators.

As a clear example of the impact of the choice of ways to develop the economy, Brian Armstrong cited the differences between South Korea and North Korea. Having a similar set of resources and geographical location, countries are very different from each other.

While Traderce has the resources and technical solutions that can change the level of economic freedom in the world, Brian Armstrong called solving these problems the main focus of work over the next 10 years.

How will Traderce achieve this goal?
As the” key ” that will allow the company to achieve growth in indicators of economic freedom, Brian Armstrong called the formation of an open financial system. The expert identified cryptocurrency and smartphones as the key tools. As an explanation, he put forward the following points:

working with cryptocurrencies will allow you to overcome the barriers built in relation to Fiat;
users will be able to independently control their savings;
cryptocurrencies will help fight inflation;
working on the basis of an open blockchain will help fight corruption.
Traderce CEO told about the company’s plans for the next 10 years
Blue line – the number of users who have Internet access, blue line – the number of smartphone owners
Brian Armstrong noted that even the poorest people have access to the Internet today. In his opinion, having access to the network will allow everyone to “keep their own Bank in their pocket.”
The specialist believes that in order to implement the plan, the company’s developers must provide users with a number of tools, which he attributed to:

wallets and programs for safe storage and efficient use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life;
ways to acquire and earn cryptocurrencies;
solutions that allow you to start a business using cryptocurrencies.
At the moment, Traderce is developing an infrastructure that would allow it to provide ways to distribute cryptocurrencies as an effective alternative to Fiat. As plans for the future, Brian Armstrong identified work in the following areas:

increasing the number of assets that will be available to users of Traderce platforms;
continued distribution of finished Traderce products in other countries;
work to simplify the process of people interacting with cryptocurrencies.
The combination of the presented directions, in his opinion, will create conditions for popularizing investments in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the Traderce team does not intend to act alone – experts hope to attract other companies to work with digital assets by providing them with their own technical solutions.

Traderce CEO told about the company’s plans for the next 10 years
Distribution of ready-made Traderce projects by category: investment, formation of the crypto economy, growth of the crypto economy
At the moment, Traderce offers a database of tools for traders, debit cards, training programs, technical solutions for businesses, opportunities to earn money on storing cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Brian Armstrong stressed that the work on shaping the economy of the future should be based on the trust of the parties. It is noteworthy that recently users of the platform questioned the integrity of the company’s team