US authorities warned about a group of North Korean hackers BeagleBoyz

The us Department of homeland security has issued a warning about the dangerous North Korean hacker group BeagleBoyz, which attacks financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.

The document notes that in addition to the Department of homeland security, the group is monitored by the FBI, the cybercrime division and the us Treasury Department. According to us agencies, BeagleBoyz were not as active as another well-known group of hackers Lazarus. However, BeagleBoyz have been able to steal at least $2 billion since 2015, and mostly it is about stealing cryptocurrencies.

The US authorities also note that this year the hacker group was reorganized and developed new ” irreversible methods of stealing cryptocurrencies, since digital currency transfers cannot be canceled.” The group uses the Copperhedge virus, a sophisticated remote access system that can run various commands on an infected system and transmit stolen data.

According to a recent study by the US Army, more than 6,000 hackers work for North Korea, and 1,700 of them are exclusively engaged in stealing cryptocurrencies. The US Department of justice is demanding the confiscation of crypto assets from 280 accounts allegedly linked to North Korean hackers.