Wasabi Wallet will replace the CoinJoin mixing technology with its own development

Wasabi Wallet developers plan to create their own wabisabi technology instead of the CoinJoin transaction privacy feature.

The new Protocol combines
Pedersen obligations and anonymous credentials with key verification (KVAC) – this feature is used by the private messenger Signal. The current CoinJoin Protocol requires users to transfer the same amounts for mixing, and then the excess is returned back. If The wabisabi Protocol works in practice the same way as in theory, then users will be able to initially list any amount of BTC, and mixing will take place in any case.

“In the CoinJoin Protocol, the input and output usually belong to the same user. This is not a payment, but as if you have transferred money from one pocket to another. This increases the size of blocks and the number of transactions, as well as the load on the network and the amount of commissions. WabiSabi will allow you to pay directly to the desired wallet, ” said max Hillebrand, one of the developers Of Wasabi.

At the moment, development is in full swing, but even the new transaction structure is not yet 100% ready. Creating a new Protocol is a lot of work, and it will be a long time before a working version of Wasabi Wallet is available using WabiSabi.

Recently, OXT Research, the company behind the development of the competing Samourai Wallet, published
report on two serious vulnerabilities found in the implementation of the CoinJoin function in the Wasabi Wallet.