Tether to introduce support for zk-rollups to reduce the load on Ethereum

The popular stablecoin Tether will support the second-level solution for scaling Ethereum ZK-Rollups to reduce the load on the blockchain and transaction fees.

The ZK-Rollups solution allows you to combine multiple transactions into one and thus reduce the load on the first-level network.

“The idea behind ZK-Rollups is to aggregate multiple second-level operations into a single transaction on a first-level blockchain. It looks like the “archiving” of the transaction. At the same time, the list of operations may include transactions for moving ETH and ERC-20 tokens, management operations and transactions of smart contracts,” said Paolo Ardoino, technical Director of Tether.

Ardoino noted that ZK-Rollups is the most “complete and preferred” scaling solution, since all the necessary data is stored in the main blockchain and there is no need to rely on the sidechain.

In mid-August, it became known about the launch of the USDT stablecoin based on the second-level solution for the OMG Network Ethereum. Have already been released
the first 3 million tokens on this network. However, the load on the blockchain of the second cryptocurrency continues to grow, and the average transaction fee on August 31 exceeded $8.