YouTube removes content of channels about cryptocurrencies for violating the service’s policy

At least five cryptocurrency bloggers, numbering between 31,500 and 210,000 subscribers, have announced blocking content on their YouTube channels.

Bloggers Chris Dunn, Chico Crypto, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Tips and BTC Sessions reported that YouTube removes their content in accordance with the policy of “harmful and dangerous” sites or refers to the “sale of regulated goods”.

Dunn claims that the video hosting service deleted the lion’s share of records covering two years of content production.

Chico Crypto wrote the following: “YouTube has literally just deleted my video in which I ask Hotties about whether they have heard anything about bitcoin. That’s what I said, ” did they hear?” The video was removed for “demonstrating dangerous actions or causing harm.” Is it dangerous to hear about bitcoin now?”

Chris Coney from the cryptoverse channel reported a similar problem. “It also affected me. Today I received a letter in the mail”.

Trader and analyst Tony Vays (Tone Vays) suggested that his channel is now under threat: “Damn, the name of my show is “Trading Bitcoin”. Apparently, I will be included in this list.”

The Creator of the crypto Tips channel also commented on this: “My channel has been damaged due to the new wave of censorship. The disadvantages of working with centralized entities have also surfaced.”

“I am at a loss,” writes BTC Sessions. “YouTube considered one of my videos, in which I tell the basic principles of working with wallets for beginners, as” a demonstration of dangerous actions or causing harm. Three more such strikes and the channel will be closed.”

One of the assumptions about the current events has already been voiced above – the removal of videos is associated with a new stage of censorship of cryptocurrency content. In March last year, Google’s advertising quality Director said that ads for cryptocurrency projects will disappear from the company’s services. However, there is another version related to a personal conflict. Chico Crypto posted screenshots of correspondence from Telegram, where a user under the nickname IamSamSmith makes the following statement: “Chico, you’re going to crash and this is just the beginning. You started a war in which you are an outsider and you will definitely lose. I, Sam Smith, will make you feel the same pain you brought me. We will continue to do the same.”

IamSamSmith considers itself a fighter against racists and scammers in the crypto industry. In conversation with Sam Smith said: “Naturally, I organized the Chico Crypto ban. Many of them are against the Indians and allow themselves to make hateful statements.” He confirmed that he is also responsible for removing content on other channels.

After these events, some representatives of the cryptocurrency community suggest that bloggers move their activities to less centralized and more censorship-resistant platforms. Options include Dtube, Steemit, Bitchute, Bittube, Dlive, and Flote. This is not the first time that the most popular video hosting service Youtube has been criticized for unfair censorship and removal of content for questionable reasons.