Yaroslav Stadchenko: “How I was kidnapped by Ukrainian” alpha”»

On August 26, the abduction of former Bitsonar employee Yaroslav Stadchenko took place in Kiev, which turned out to be staged by the special services.

A few days later, it turned out that Stadchenko was “kidnapped” by employees of the Ukrainian special forces “alpha” in order to save his life and detain the customer of the crime. Yaroslav agreed to talk about the details of the abduction in an interview with Bits. media.

Bits.media: How did the abduction happen?

Jaroslav: I got home in a taxi at about 11 PM. Near the house I noticed a minibus, and in it — people in caps and masks. They ran out and dragged me inside. Already inside, I was told that a resident of Kiev ordered the murder of a former business partner, that is, me. Our special services decided to stage my abduction and murder in order to detain the customer.

Bits. media: How was the operation performed?

Jaroslav: First, I was made up and photographed to provide the customer with “proof”. Secondly, I lived for 5 days in a safe house under the protection of two special service soldiers. I couldn’t contact my family without disrupting the special operation.

Photo evidence for the killer, source-Security Service of Ukraine.

Bits.media: Customer arrested?

Yaroslav: Yes, the fake killer came to the customer for the second half of the reward. That’s where they took him.

Bits.media: There is speculation in the community that the customer was Alexander Tovstenko, the organizer of the Bitsonar pyramid. Can you confirm this?

Yaroslav: While the police do not disclose the name of the detainee, so as not to harm the investigation.

Photo from the place of detention, source-SBU

Bits.media: If it was Tovstenko, he wanted revenge for what you did.
exposed Bitsonar?

Yaroslav: The motives of the detainee will be established by the investigation. I’m still reeling from the shock of the abduction, and I can’t imagine why the detainee decided to hire a Hitman.

Bits.media: Did you expect such consequences after publishing about Bitsonar fraud?

Yaroslav: There was one case when Tovstenko demonstrated his connections in the authorities. In may, he met in Odessa with one of the investors, who placed him in a hotel at his own expense. On one day, when tovstenko, an investor and two of His friends were walking in the Park, they were detained by officers of the KORD (special purpose unit of the police of Ukraine). Tovstenko quickly wrote to the investor a statement about kidnapping and extortion. Now the investor is under house arrest waiting for the court’s decision.

I didn’t think something like this would happen to me. But he was still more careful and looked around, which is why he noticed a minibus with masked people. Despite the fact that my family and I had to go through a great shock, staging a kidnapping is the best thing that our special services could do in such a situation.

Bits. media: Did you file a fraud complaint against Tovstenko after Bitsonar was exposed?

Jaroslav: I was going to, but I didn’t submit it. After the incident with the investor in Odessa, I became disillusioned with the Ukrainian police. In General, I had never encountered our police before and did not know what they could do in such a situation. But now I am ready to write statements not only to the Ukrainian authorities, but also to the FBI and Europol. Bitsonar collected money from investors from all over the world.

Bits.media: Do you think investors will be able to get their money back?

Yaroslav: I Doubt it, since Bitsonar was supposed to earn money from trading cryptocurrencies. Tovstenko had access to trading accounts and independently traded and suffered losses. There is a chance that he lost all the investors ‘ money on the stock exchange.

Bits. media: In may, Ukraine began to develop a draft law “on virtual assets”. In the summer, the Ukrainian police detained several cryptocurrency scammers and owners of illegal exchangers. Do you think the security forces are beginning to understand cryptocurrencies better?

Jaroslav: When alpha operatives and I were hiding in a safe house, we sometimes discussed cryptocurrencies. They had heard about bitcoin before, but were not interested in the details. I explained to them how cryptocurrency works, and they figured out how it can be used by criminals and how to catch them in this case.

I hope that this case with the killer will cause a resonance both in society and among law enforcement officers. It will be good if the security forces decide to create a Department to fight cryptocurrency crimes.

Cryptocurrencies are a great financial tool, but they are also used by scammers. I think the police need cryptocurrency specialists to solve such crimes and to prevent people from losing money in scams like Bitsonar.