Bitcoin miners earned $368 million in August

According to the Block, bitcoin miners were able to earn $368.3 million in August,which is 23.19% more than in July.

Analysts at the Block, Steven Zhang and Lars Hoffmann, write in their report that August was the most profitable month for bitcoin miners in three full months after the reward was halved in may. The increase in revenue was influenced by the growth of miners ‘ profits from transaction fees. If in July, miners received 8.5% of revenue from commissions, in August this figure increased to 10.7%.

Ethereum miners earned significantly less over the same period — $285.1 million. However, the growth in income of Ethereum miners compared to July was 98.2%, and the indicator itself was the highest in 25 months. This was also affected by a significant increase in revenue from transaction fees — in the revenue structure, this type of profit in August was 40.5%. For comparison, in may, Ethereum miners received only 10% of revenue from commissions.