Adam white: “bitcoin needs a real application»

According to the General Director of the trading platform for institutional investors Bakkt Adam white, bitcoin needs to be used in real life.

“There is an opinion that bitcoin is a means of accumulating wealth. It acts as a digital analog of gold and this is its application. This may be true. I think the expectations and opportunities that this technology brings will never be justified, ” white said.

Recently, the Digital Currency Group (DCG) conducted an annual survey of its clients and found that they expect the main use of blockchain in payments and asset tokenization. At the same time, 7.6% of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will never be used in real life.

Recall that in October, Bakkt announced plans to launch an application that users can use to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency, including in the world’s largest coffee chain Starbucks. The payment system should be launched next year.

In addition, in November, Bakkt announced the opening of the Bakkt Warehouse custodial service for institutional investors.