Ledger Live platform adds Coin Control feature

Ledger, a hardware wallet company, has added a new Coin Control feature to its Ledger Live platform. With the help of this feature users will be able to choose UTXO when you create a transaction.

The Coin Control function works with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on it. Previously, when creating a transaction on the Ledger Live platform, the oldest unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) were collected into a single transaction. Users will now be able to select specific UTXOS that they want to add to the transaction.

The developers note that this feature will be useful in a variety of situations. For example, it will help fight the so-called “dust attacks”, when attackers send out many small transactions to track and determine the identity of the wallet owner. Using Coin Control, you can simply exclude such UTXOS from a transaction.

In addition, thanks to the new feature, you can reduce commissions – if you choose a larger UTXO, the transaction volume will be smaller, which means that the Commission will also be reduced. Note that to enable the Coin Control function, the user must go to the “Advanced settings” menu when creating a transaction.

In early August, the developer of Liquality, Mohammed Nokhbeh, discovered a vulnerability in the Ledger hardware wallet that leads to the write-off of bitcoins instead of altcoins.